Ganesh or Ganesha

The indian God of Wisdom, is the remover of obstacles, both material and spiritual.

He is the subject of many myths and tales.

Garden figure, Ganesha
Garden figure, Ganesha


Height: 11,8 "

Width: 7,9 "

Depth: 7,9 "

Weight: 32 lbs


Price: 220 EUR or 280 US$


Made of MinerosTM sandstone suited for outdoors

A small iconography

Hindu belief says that Ganesh is the protector of families, companies, and magicians. His energy overcomes obstacles, therefore a mouse, his vehicle, is usually placed at his feet – for mice are also impossible to stop.


As God of Wisdom, Ganesh usually has his hands full of thing to do, and so, aptly, he has four of them. In his front right hand he holds the dorje, a thunderbolt, symbolizing the power to bring things to culmination. The hind right hand holds an axe, symbol of the power of discrimination. In the hind left hand we find a mala (garland) of flowers, meant to suggest the ability to bring all things together. In his left front hand, he holds his trunk. This gesture (mudra) implies that Ganesha´s wisdom comes from the heart. The powers of reason are accentuated if the trunk is held in the right hand.


This is a portrayal of a youthful Ganesh, indicated by his tusks. A more aged Ganesh boasts a stump where a tusk used to be – according to legend, he hurled it at a demon in combat. The demon ducked, and the tusk entered orbit and forever is to be seen as the sicle-shaped moon that circles the earth.



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