Barong & Rangda

Barong, the friendly dragon, and Rangda, the evil witch are constantly at odds with one another.

Each victory is followed by defeat, and yet a new victory. They symbolize the everlasting struggle in nature.

Barong, the friendly dragon. Balinese Sculpture
Ranga, the evil witch, balinese sculpture


Height: 18 "

Width: 17 "

Depth: 14 "

Weight: 115 lbs


Price: 320 EUR or 410 US$



Height: 15,75 "

Width: 7,5 "

Depth: 7,5 "

Weight: 36 lbs


Price: 320 EUR or 410 US$

Made of Mineros TM sandstone, suited for outdoors

Small iconography

These balinese figures symbolize two mystical spirits of nature in balinese mythology. Both are to be seen in performances of the Barong Kalekek, the dance of Barong.


Barong is a lionesque creature embodying the principles of goodness and possessing powers of white magic. He combats the evil witch Rangda and her powerful black magic. Rangda's doings are the source of sickness and decay, but Barong's powers work against her and promote goodness for humanity – however, none wins a decisive victory and the battle perpetuates itself. Historically, Rangda is most likely an adaptation of Durga, the Hindu Goddess of death. Her gnashing teeth, sagging breasts and the asymmetry of her figure are all indications of demonic powers. Barong´s beard is considered holy – water that touches it, is said to have healing powers.


An element of humor is always present in these dances – usually, one of the dancers that portray Barong will stick his feet out of the mask and wave to the audience.



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