The great Amida Buddha personifies compassion. Many Japanese pay him reverence. His composure and grandeur are well represented in this sculpture.

Buddha statue Amida-Buddha
Buddha head Amida


Height: 39,4 "

Width: 36,6 "

Depth: 35,4 "

Weight: 680 lbs



2800 EUR or 3584 US $ 

Lotus base

Height: 7,9 "

Diameter: 39,4 "

Weight: 560 lbs



820 EUR or 1050 US $

For practical reasons, this large Amida Buddha statue can be taken apart into 3 pieces, and the Lotus Throne into 4 pieces. It is assembled on site with Mineros sandstone plaster, and the resulting crevices are polished and treated. This means that it can only be delivered and installed by us.


Made of MinerosTM sandstone, suited for outdoors

A small iconography

Amida is the japanese form of the sanskrit Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Compassion.


The Amida‘s "pure land" philosophy is revered in many east asian countries, particularly in Japan, in the Jodo and Tendai sects of Buddhism.

The iconographic trademarks of a Buddha are the Urna, the third eye on his forehead, and the Ushnisha, the knot of hair tied on top of the head, symbol of a fully developed top chakra, and the elongated ears, meant to suggest virility. The locks of hair are actually stylized snails, for, according to buddhist mythology, snails climbed onto the buddha's head, protecting him from the heat as he approached enlightenment.

The Amida may be portrayed in a great variety of postures – here, he is depicted in a Jo-in Mudra, his highest spiritual manifestation.

The Buddha is seated on a lotus petal, symbol of purity and of the Buddha nature. As a seed will grow out of the dirt and eventually become a beautiful and shining blossom, so the Buddha's wisdom will grow within the human mind.


This work is done in the Kamakura style of the 13th century, exuding an atmosphere of serenity and majestic detachment, reminiscent of the famous Daibutsu of Kamakura, completed in 1252 by artists under the auspices of the great master Kaikei.


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