Asian Sculptures and Gold Leaf Paintings

Buddhafigur Dhyana-Buddha
Blattgold-Bild Ogata Korin

Are you looking for a Buddha figure, a stone Buddha, a Buddha head?

Buddha has arrived in the West – you will not anymore find a Buddha figure in a japanese garden only. You may encounter one of the increasingly popular figures in many home gardens among bamboo or near a pond.

You will find here besides historic Buddha statues from the major eras of asian art also indian stone sculptures, like Ganesh and tantric figures, and fine balinese art as well, like stone figures of Barong, Rangda and Rakshasa. All these sculptures will lend a very special atmosphere to your house and garden. Again and again, one of my sculptures is desired as a Buddhist tomb monument


Besides the sculptures I'm doing oil-paintings on goldleaf, mostly asian style.

Atelier für Buddhistische Skulpturen – Studio for Buddhist Sculptures, Harald Fauska

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